Seeing the Flavor

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Rantings of an Amateur Chef

Yesterday I told you of a trip to Niagara Falls. I’ll continue the story here.

We drove to our hotel (the Cataract Inn) and parked. It was small and pretty run down. As I was poor and didn’t have many choices, we decided to go inside and check in.

The counter area was sparse and upon going in I was first to the desk. I gave the elderly lady my name, credit card and ID. She grumbled a welcome and gave me a key to my room. Next was my friend. Upon seeing his ID her face lit up. She asked him if he was Polish (his last name ends in “ski”) and when he said he was, suddenly she was the nicest person in the room. She checked him in and asked him to hold a minute. She went into the back room and came back with an armful…

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Promiscuous Love

The Thoughtful Pastor

acorns-blurThis time of year when the acorns and pecans cover sidewalks liberally here in North Texas, I start thinking about how nature, with its powerful urge to reproduce itself, shows us much about the nature of God’s love. There is so much of it that we can trample on it and still have plenty left over to feed wildlife abundantly and see many new trees sprout in the spring.  The nuts fall apparently without discernment–they are not parceled out or rationed, but are available to all comers. Promiscuous, actually.

And, quite a picture of God’s love. The Bible simply abounds with stories about people who really seem unlovable that God just decides to love anyway. Really, it is God’s promiscuous love, a love that seems to show no discernment and gets scattered anywhere, to such a point that it almost seems immoral. I mean, some of those people really, really don’t…

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