‘Love Me Do’ and the Hormonal Storm of the 1960s

Who doesn’t have memories of growing up with the Beatles? I enjoyed these insights into the band xx Rowena


51Ld97tIgjLOn the 5th of October 1962, The Beatles’ first single ‘Love Me Do’ was released. The release of the song triumphantly marks the beginning of one of the most fascinating phenomena in the history of popular music – the ‘Beatlemania’.  On the 5th of October 1962, after few years of ups and downs, The Beatles were officially making it into the charts. Despite the fact that ‘Love Me Do’ peaked at only number seventeen and that the songwriting credit was given to ‘McArtney’ rather than ‘Lennon-McCartney’ partnership, The Beatles soon became the hottest bun in the music industry.

What kind of secret lies behind this spectacular success? After all, as Ian MacDonald noticed, “The Beatles rarely thought long about their lyrics” – which is clearly evident in ‘Love Me Do’. MacDonald explains it as follows: 

They were, in short, instinctive, rather than rational, as artists – a trait…

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