Dog of the Week: Foxie Lady!

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This week’s Dog of the Week is the inimitable Foxie Lady, a bright little California girl who loves the camera as much as the camera loves her.

At Westminster At Westminster

Although this lovely, tiny dog could, it seems, easily make a name for herself on the catwalks of New York City or Milan, she’s happy living with her people in the Golden State, where she has plenty of fun and gets all the attention a little pooch could desire.

On the beach On the beach

Foxie has in the neighborhood of 200 outfits! These are kept in her own closet, which was built for her by her human grandma. She loves to go shopping, thriving on the attention lavished upon her by people who stop to pet her or admire the day’s ensemble.

Au naturel Au naturel

Don’t be fooled, though: Foxie Lady is much more than just a pretty face. She is intelligent and loyal. She loves…

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