I have never been a teacher but I’ve been a parent and dealt with some dreadful scenarios where my kids have been sick in the car. Enjoy. xx Ro

Storytime with John


Kids make me sick. And, no, not just uncomfortable, or a little bit queasy – but down right, pit of the stomach, SICK. It’s just something that they do that can turn that “thank God it’s Friday!” feeling, into “thank God I didn’t eat a large greasy breakfast”…let me run you through Friday’s events real quick ~

So I’m sitting in my kindergarten class, going through one of the books – most of the kids say that it is “easy peas” (they’re Korean so cut them some slack on the misuse of the phrase!), however one of the boys struggles with learning difficulties, so I’m giving him a little bit of extra help. That’s when I hear the long whine that I hear about 3000 times a day (approximately): “Teeeeeeeaaaacccccherrr? Oh, Teaaaaaachhherrrr? Teeaaaaachherrr! TEAAAA-”

“Oh my GOH…WHAT?”

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Pollo Guisado: Salvadorian Chicken Stew

Pollo Guisado

There’s chicken soup for the soul, but this chicken stew deserves a high rating on the comfort scale. Chicken stew is one of those homey dishes that everyone loves. It’s so rustic and warming and most cultures I know have their own versions. From curries to Ethiopian doro wat, and let’s not forget chicken and dumplings, one of my Southern favorites. Too bad Cracker Barrel does not exist in California.

All over the world, chicken stew is always heartwarming and welcoming. This Salvadorian version is full of flavor with an exotic spice mix, representing the flavors that our ancestors loved plus those brought from the Mediterranean and Asian lands by the Spanish conquistadors.

I made it in the slow cooker because we had an afternoon outing planned and it was convenient and economical. However, if you’re making it on the stovetop, simply cook the stew for about 30 minutes on medium-low heat if using…

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