Embrace the Change

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Some changes may initially look negative.  You may want to resist or hold on to the comfort of familiarity.  However nothing good can come of life staying the same.  Stagnation is the antithesis of life.  Embracing the new allows the goodness to flow into your life and teach you all the valuable lessons that life has to offer.

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Improve your relationships

This post had some great ideas for improving your relationships. I have reblogged this to remind myself to action some of these ideas. Often we are too busy or just plain distracted to look after those we love the most. xx Rowena

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girl-with-a-fanMany times I have talked to a man or woman who is not happy with a relationship. Almost always, it is because the person I am talking to is not giving what the other person wants.

All people are selfish, some more than others, but it was written thousands of years ago that it is actually happier to give than to receive. Sounds hard to believe, but it really is true. When you give, good always comes back to you. Whether you call it karma or the law of sowing and reaping, it always works.

However, to change a relationship that has been a problem for many years won’t happen overnight. It takes time and persistence.Here are some questions to ask yourself that can really improve any relationship:

  • What things do you do to improve your loved one’s life?
  •  If you could write what you do to improve your loved…

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