Building Good Character from bad Situations

You don’t often hear people talking about developing good character but it’s something I really hold dear. I am not perfect. More something of a work-in-progress but I would truly like to be the very best me that I could be! xx Rowena




We have all been screwed over. When it comes from someone you love, the wound is far deeper, and the natural response is to Hate. They did this to you, they deserved to be punished. Why would you possibly continue to respect someone who betrayed and hurt you?

The answer is, respecting all things despite any circumstances is for the development of your own character. It is natural to fight, when you have been hurt. After all we are animalistic by nature. However, if you want to reach another level of “compassion and understanding”, you have to fight those animalistic urges. Don’t hate, Don’t gossip, Don’t let anger consume you. Just because they wronged you does not mean you can also have bad behavior.

Ask yourself, was your love unconditional love, or love that required love back? Do you stop seeing their good qualities because they no longer love you?…

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