Today, I’d like to introduce you to Running the Race. I keep going back to this blog and even though we ;live on separate sides of the globe and Winter is Summer and Autumn is Spring, we have become friends sharing the highs and lows of bringing up young kids and also having a flame in our hearts. xx Rowena

Running the Race

Some of these posts were intended to be about actually running, and I have fallen pretty short in that regard.  The obvious reason is, that I have not gone running since I don’t remember when!  Many true runners would argue that I can’t call myself a runner at this time, but I think that is up for debate.  The heart of a runner still beats inside of me, and I know it’s just a matter of time (and knees) before I hit the streets again.

Do you have anything in your life that you wish people knew about you, that defines a part of you, that you take great delight in, that you can’t wait to talk about, that you hope someone brings up in conversation so you can jump in with your experiences?  Running is one of those things for me, second only to my relationship with Jesus and…

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