The Rise of the Geek?

I read this post a few months ago and found it very moving so I’ve decided to add it to the Blogging Pot. It provides a very emotionally moving insight into being bullied just because you’re a bit different or are simply not one of the sheep.

Star Wars Anonymous

I read an article yesterday about how geeks are becoming the next cool thing and that as a group, we are no longer teased and harassed.  This is definitely not the first time that I’ve read this and it seems like comments or articles referring to the Rise of the Geek have become more common in the past year.  But is it true?

I began to figure out that I was a geek in the 6th grade.  But I so badly wanted to hang out with the popular girls, that I denied that I liked Star Wars and trashed anything remotely geeky.  It got to the point that when our English teacher gave us an abridged version of The Hobbit to read in class, I secretly took it home and finished it because I did not want anyone to see me reading it on my own free will.

Sixth grade was…

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