Talking About Suicide

I read this post a few weeks ago and found it an important insight into suicide. I’m sure that most of us know someone who has taken their own life or someone who has lost someone close to them. It can be hard to understand why someone takes their own life and I thought this post provided some insights.

A Manic World

Author:Robert Poposki

Talking About Suicide

If you’ve ever watched a horror movie, then you’ll know (almost) exactly what thoughts of suicide feel like. Sort of.

Picture yourself in a movie theatre. On your lap is a tub full of popcorn. To your right, buried into your armrest is a Super-soda the size of a kid’s pool. Waves of sound are surfing through the air, ringing in your eardrums. The smell of cheese and candy and butter is filling your nostrils. Meanwhile, upon the screen you are watching some chick with huge tits running away from a dude who looks to be in dire need of a facial, whose breath you can smell emanating through the screen.

Your palms are sweating. Tick tock. The zombie jumps out from nowhere, “Argh-Gah-Bajah,” it roars. You jump from your seat, embarrassed. Your senses are on overdrive. The hairs on the…

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